What’s the Asian scroll?
The Asian roll is the result of a piece of work started in 2009. These are paintings in black ink on rice paper rolls, in the following sizes:

25m x 0,35m
10m x 0,95m
10m x 0,70m

A pictoric universe full of suggestive images halfway between the formal and the abstract. The composition of the colourless figures achieves all its power while integrating a process of linear writing. The reflection and intertwine in real time. This occurs as you look at the figures from left to right or from top to bottom.
More than drawing, Armando Gil creates a pictoric language, written with a developing syntax, that is personal and determined without margin for error or recapitulation. Spontaneous lines, which flow with liberty from from the own thought of the artist like a painted diary. The content of Asian rolls can only be understood if you “read” them from the beginning to the end.